Featured Wedding Blog : Before The Big Day

This weeks featured wedding blog is Before The Big Day run by Georgia Tolley. There is at least one post a day and its brimming with great ideas and insperation. Its clear that Georgia has a real passion for weddings, Well Done!

Here is a little big about Georgia & Before The Big Day….

“Hello! I’m Georgia, and I’m a journalist who’s a mild wedding obsessive. There’s something about the way they combine design and romance, that has got me hooked! I’ve been running Before the Big Day for over two years now, and there’s nothing I like more than hunting for wedding inspiration and wedding ideas and sharing them with you.

Updated daily & brimming with wedding ideas and inspiration, this is the wedding blog to help couples make their big day stand out from the crowd. With 100′s of real weddings, original wedding theme ideas, unique DIY wedding projects & all the hottest trends, it’s the best UK wedding blog for the inspired bride. “

Before The Big Day is on Facebook and Twitter

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Wedding table name ideas

Thought it would be a good idea to put together a post about wedding table names. If you choose to name your tables it should be something that relates to both of you. If you’re stuck for inspiration I wanted to share some of the table names I have seen.

Places you have been to

Names of places could be as broad or specific as you like. For example we got engaged in California and could have had the places we visited - San Francisco, Yosemite, Mariposa Grove, Las Vegas, L.A.

Names of Herbs

At our friends wedding(the other half to this site – Neil and Pilla!) they are seriously into their allotment so they had names of herbs. Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Sage, Lovage, Mint.  They also managed to get the relevant herbs in pots for each of the tables!

UK Mountains

If you’re really into fell walking why not have the mountains you have scaled together! – Scar Fell, Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Helvellyn

Belgium Beers

We were looking round Hatfield house as a potential venue and saw some people had names of Belgium Beers!  – Leffe, Duvel, La Chouffe

You can of course always go for numbers, but if you want to go for names try and make it personal.  I’ve been to a wedding where the table names where planets from the Dune books, and I heard one couple considering the greats from Morecombe Football Club!

Do you have an interesting table name idea or have seen something good? why not let us know and we can add it to this post.

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Featured Wedding Blog : Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog

This weeks featured wedding blog is Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog run by Emma Kingston. The site contains some great information about all things wedding related.

Here is a little bit about Emma…

“My name is Emma and I am a self-confessed wedding addict.  I am not married myself but I have loved weddings from a very early age, having waitressed for my Mum’s outside catering company for as long as I can remember.

The buzz of being involved in a couple’s celebration of their love has never really left me and, although I don’t currently work in the wedding industry, I hope to one day (I not-so-secretly hanker for a wedding dress shop of my very own).

I launched Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog in January 2011 as my own little corner of the web to help feed my obsession with all things wedding pretty and it has been growing beyond my expectations ever since.”


Emma is on Facebook and Twitter

Well Done! Emma great work so far!

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Online wedding ideas board and planning? – try Pinterest!

So your getting married and you have started to research styles and how to make your day personal to you. How do you keep all these ideas in one place? I know Kirsty had two wedding planners books, a neat and a rough one, well done wife back to school for you!

Kirsty would cut out all the images she saw in magazines which she liked and put them in the rough one. Then she would use the neat one to put down final decisions. This was a great log of things that would inspire her on a rainy day.

Ok great, but what do you do about things you find online? Cue Pinterest!

What is Pinterest?

“Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests”

I suggest you give the site a try, but if you just want to have a see what is possible, you should check out some of these great Pinterest boards listed below.

Rebecca Norris – Twitterhttp://pinterest.com/rebeccanorris/
VintageBride – http://pinterest.com/vintagebride/
Leverne Viljoen Botha – Facebookhttp://pinterest.com/levernebotha/
Yoshiko Ichikura – Facebookhttp://pinterest.com/yoshiko/
Wedding Magazine – http://pinterest.com/weddingmagazine/
LoveMyDress Blog – Twitterhttp://pinterest.com/lovemydressblog/

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Wedding Flower Trends

This post was written by the fantastic Holyrood Florists in Somerset. Their work has been featured in Somerset Life and they are listed on our site here.

As I write this we are clearing up from 3 very different weddings, the first a simply natural beauty of a colour scheme, grasses and pale pinks and vintage purples, the second a neutral palette of peaches and creams, and exquisite smell and a timeless classic and the 3rd an off the wall selection of magenta and lime, literally limes….in vases…..250 of them.

So how do the experts predict what trends are going to be the ‘in thing’? All brides are unique and the planning for their big day is a reflection of them and their husband to be so in practise anything goes, however, the current fashions in dress style, colours and interior design even the celebrity wedding of the moment all have an influence on Brides to be.

So 2012???? Who could forget the fairy tale of our Prince and his Bride, the elegance and beauty of their wedding is something every little girl has dreamed of and I predict that we are going to get lots of enquires for a ‘Kate bouquet’ and not just a recreation, but the whole premise behind it; about the meaning of flowers, something I have always been fascinated with, the whole romance and intrigue of this forgotten language. Go to your florist and talk to them about what your wedding means to you, what you would secretly like to say to your husband to be, if they don’t know anything about it buy them a book!

The trend from this year of shying away from commercial types of flowers is going to grow and grow if you pardon the pun! Scent over colour and beauty over form, cascading showers with flowing clematis and other vines, scented tea roses sweet peas, freesia peonies and even additions of flowers grown by the bride or her family are varieties that are cropping up again and again . The ‘Gathered from a very beautiful Garden’ theme compliments the trend for vintage Crockery (hire yours from The English Tea Party) Cupcakes and Lace Gowns, all these bolstered by the Royal wedding this year. However for 2012 I can see them being paired with bolder colours like Navy Blue, Magenta, Plum and then Reds and Forest Greens by the time autumn comes around.

All things British is going to be a reoccurring trend with the Jubilee in 2012 so don’t pack the bunting away yet, however Brides will be brides and if you have been dreaming of a bright pink bouquet with tropical flowers and orchids or a deep Red Rose hand tied that’s what we’ll be making for you!

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Make your own wedding album!

A lot of photographers give you digital discs with your wedding photos on. The question is what to do with all those images! Why not make your own wedding album? I wanted to write this blog post to show the great results that can be achieved with blurb.com and its truly fantastic software Booksmart!
Basically you download the Booksmart software and add the photos to the digital book, no need to upload your photos to a website and fiddle around with them only to realise you don’t want that photo! Once your happy you then upload the whole book where it can be viewed online (for those interested our book is online here). The layout Continue reading

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How to do a wedding timelapse?

I have been a keen photographer for some time now and while discussing this with a colleague at work we got on to the topic of timelapses and how cool they were. You know the ones they use to show flowers opening at high speed on nature programs. As it turned out at the time it was a few months before my wedding and thus the idea to have a timelapse done of the wedding was born!

If you don’t know what a timelapse is then I know Wikipedia can help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timelapse

In basic terms a photo is taken every few seconds (or hours) and then put together into a video as frames per second. So if a photo was taken every 5 seconds and the video was 24 frames per second, 1 hour in real time would be 30 second in the video!

So here is the final result…

Cool eh? If you watched it all the way through you just watched about 15 hours in 6 and a half minutes.

The camera was setup to take pictures from 9.00am to 12.30am, where 1 image was taken every 5 seconds. This resulted in 10732 images, Now that’s a lot of images and yes I know DSLRs take huge images in size, but they don’t have to be high quality as even a 1920px by 1080px picture will make a full HD movie!

I will say this, it isn’t for the faint hearted and if you can – ask your photographer to do it for you or use the following guide.

Tips for a wedding timelapse

  • Get a high vantage point for two reasons, one your cam is less likely to get knocked (it needs to be in the same place for the whole time) and two you will get more of the whole day.
  • It works best when the light conditions don’t change to much
  • I could not go and check the cam in the day (my new wife would have killed me) so I used aperture priority mode which was an automatic mode to adjust for lighting (see this discussion I started before the wedding – if you want more details)
  • Think power and memory card size – will you have enough power for the full run and enough space for all the photos – do a trial run – but be warned DSLRs have a limited shutter life so they might not like 20000 pictures taking in two sittings.
  • Backup the images as soon as possible!
  • Don’t rule out using a webcam you can get great results with that

I hope that helps and compels you to have a go – I would love to see your wedding timelapses – so if you do one then send me the YouTube link via the contact us and I will add it to the bottom of this post, as well as any tips you might have!

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DIY Weddings – Do it yourself wedding ideas

Hi my name is Kirsty and I’m Rob’s wife, this is my first post for the wedding review site blog. I’m not any kind of wedding expert but I got married in June this year so I’m writing about my own experiences. My year of wedding planning was one of the best as well as most stressful experiences of my life!

One of the enjoyable and rewarding aspects of planning the wedding was making homemade things for the wedding. The initial reason for trying to do things ourselves was in order to save money, however the reason that I’m most pleased we did it was because it made our wedding so personal. We could have paid a specialist to do things for us and they probably would have looked better and been less stressful, but they wouldn’t have been as individual or special.

I would encourage anyone planning a wedding to do as many of the things you can do yourself as possible. In this post I am going to tell you about some of the things which we did and I will be posting further blog posts detailing how to do them. The things which we made ourselves were things which we had some abilities in however we also had a go at things we had never done before! There are a whole range of things which you can make yourself for the wedding if you have the time and enthusiasm from wedding favours and venue decorations to arranging the flowers or even making the bridesmaid dresses if you have the skills!

The first thing that we made ourselves were our invitations. We got ideas from the internet and then bought supplies from hobbycraft. There are a huge amount of options for the materials which you can get from various suppliers and ranging from quite cheap to very expensive. Making the invites was a long process especially tying 100 ribbons onto them! But it was worth it as everyone loved them.

To continue with the stationary theme we made our own order of services and favour boxes using the same pattern and ribbons that we used on the invites. To fill the favour boxes I made home made chocolate truffles. These were really simple but looked professional and tasted great. The biggest project which I took on was making my own wedding cake. I started baking the cakes 5 months before the wedding and finished all the icing and decorating in the final week before the big day!

To finish off our wedding projects we made our own thank you cards with a twist. We made two signs which said ‘Thank’ and ‘You’ and snuck off with the photographer on the wedding day to take a photo of us holding up the cards. We then got the photo printed onto cards and sent them out. Everyone was really surprised when they received the cards and it was a great end to the wedding celebrations!


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Ushers: What to do at a wedding?

Being asked to be an usher at a wedding is a real honour. You might be wondering what a usher does at a wedding? After my own wedding this year and being an usher at my cousins wedding, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences and tips.

Groomsman Job Cards

I was at a wedding last weekend and saw a great idea! One of the ushers had a little card with a list of jobs on it. Ok this might be a bit overkill, but the wedding day itself is very hectic and it could help makes things go a bit smoother.

The card was roughly A7 paper size (7.4cm x 10.5cm). It had the name of the usher at the top of the card and then a bullet pointed list of tasks/jobs!

Everything went smoothly at the wedding so I guess the cards worked! Although one usher did forget his waistcoat (but then it wasn’t on his list!)

Usher Jobs

Meet at the Venue or Ceremony location well before the arrival time on the invites, I would recommend at least an hour. This will give you time to smarten up your outfits, collect buttonholes and organise orders of service.

When guests start arriving you might have been asked to relay information such as where the bathrooms are, where to sit in the ceremony, is flash photography allowed, where to park and of course distribute orders of service. Try to have a think about what people might ask you and if needs be, write it down on the back of your Groomsman Job Cards. You might need to take an umbrella in case it rains and you need to cover guests while they arrive.

Between the ushers, you might be tempted to chat to each other about who was drunker at the stag do, don’t, there will be a time and a place for that at the bar later on, get the job done and enjoy yourselves later!

wedding ushersIt’s great to see people you haven’t seen in ages but try not to chat to people for too long you don’t want a huge line building up as this will increase the pressure on you, there will be plenty of time to chat to people later in the day.

Figure out how many orders of services you have and how many to give out e.g. it might be one between two – don’t be afraid to say this to guests, but if someone demands one then don’t argue the point, as a) you won’t have the time and b) Great Auntie Mavis will win.

You should have an idea where people are sitting and which seats are reserved for the bride and grooms party, don’t forget traditionally it’s groom’s friends and family on the right, bride’s on the left

Its generally known that the best man is a funny guy for the day but that doesn’t mean you can’t help break down barriers and help bring the two families closer together. Decide which usher will accompany the bride’s mother to her seat, this is a nice touch as it means she is not walking in on her own.

After the ceremony you might be responsible for helping organise photos – introduce yourself to the photographer and let them know to give you a shout if they need any help. You may also help organise transport to the venue if needed. A great tip I learnt is to give the venue a call when the bride is leaving to give them a heads up that the newlyweds are on their way, things don’t always go according to plan but this will coax the venue to be prepared.

Ushers Wedding

Final thing I’m going to say is, enjoy it!

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How to claim a supplier listing?

Suppliers please claim your listings, its free!

At The Wedding Review Site we allow any user to submit a listing. So we also provide the facility for the actual business to claim that listing.

Claiming a listing will allow you to

  • Add or update information and contacts
  • Add or update photos
  • Reply to user reviews

1) You will need to register on the site in order to claim a listing – you can login via Facebook if that is easier

2) Once registered and logged in you if you go to your listing you will see – Claim This Business. Click Claim This Business and give some information so we can make sure you are actually the owner

3) The listing will then be sent to us for claim verification. Once approved and when you next login you should be able to see Manage, this will allow you to edit the listing. You will also be able to reply to reviews or leave comments.

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