How to claim a supplier listing?

Suppliers please claim your listings, its free!

At The Wedding Review Site we allow any user to submit a listing. So we also provide the facility for the actual business to claim that listing.

Claiming a listing will allow you to

  • Add or update information and contacts
  • Add or update photos
  • Reply to user reviews

1) You will need to register on the site in order to claim a listing – you can login via Facebook if that is easier

2) Once registered and logged in you if you go to your listing you will see – Claim This Business. Click Claim This Business and give some information so we can make sure you are actually the owner

3) The listing will then be sent to us for claim verification. Once approved and when you next login you should be able to see Manage, this will allow you to edit the listing. You will also be able to reply to reviews or leave comments.

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